Free Djembe Lessons

One of the great things about the Internet is the vast amounts of free lessons available!

From YouTube to Vimeo to blogs...learning to play hand drums has never been easier, or cheaper!

Each week we will pick a lesson that teaches you about playing the djembe as well as how to develop an ear and imagination for more complex African rhythms.

Free Djembe Videos

Free Djembe Lesson Resources

newHeartbeat - One free lesson for beginners.

DjembeFola - Offers four lessons for free (registration required), events, an online community forum.

Djembe Rhythms - Offers numerous lessons and Youtube links. - A lesson video and other drumming lessons.

Free Percussion Lessons - A lesson from Aldo Mazza, founder and educator with KoSa Music.

Music Academy - An article on hand drumming technique.

Dancing Hands Music - Lessons on hand percussion instruments.

eHow - A short video series on getting started with the djembe.